Metadata: Creditor/Market​

A2. Loans and other credits, Debt due within a year (Lines 12-13)

Line 12_Liabilities to BIS banks (cons.), short term

The data are derived from the BIS Consolidated Banking Statistics (CBS), which comprise data on gross consolidated claims of banks resident in the CBS reporting are here The key organizational criteria is the consolidation principle by which participating banks report contractual and ultimate risk lending by the head office and all its branches and subsidiaries on a worldwide consolidated basis with inter-office accounts being netted out. 

Data comprise all balance sheet items which represent financial claims on individual countries. Certain territories are included under larger country aggregates, as summarized in the table relating to line 1. The principal items are deposits and balances placed with banks, loans and advances to banks and non-banks and holdings of securities. The data also include cross-border claims in all currencies and local claims of reporting banks foreign affiliates in non-local currencies. 

The concept of the "reporting area" for the purpose of the consolidated statistics differs from the locational data. The consolidated data are reported by 30 countries (see list below). In addition, the worldwide consolidation of individual banks' balance-sheet positions means that in practice the corpus of reporting institutions extends well beyond the geographical boundaries of the reporting area and includes, inter alia, the offshore affiliates of banks whose head offices are in the reporting countries. The use of the expression "reporting area" in the consolidated statistical reporting system is therefore a convenience to indicate the countries to which banks submit data rather than the actual area covered. 

The reporting area has grown over time and now comprises all banks (see details below) headquartered in 30 countries as listed below: 

1. Australia (from end-2003)
2. Austria (1983)
3. Belgium (1983)
4. Brazil (2002)
5. Canada (1983)
6. Chile (2002)
7. Denmark (1983)
8. Finland (1985)
9. France (1983)
10. Germany (1983)
11. Greece (2003)
12. Hong Kong SAR (1997)
13. India (2001)
14. Ireland (1983)
15. Italy (1983)
16. Japan (1983)
17. Luxembourg (1983)
18. Mexico (2003)
19. Netherlands (1983)
20. Norway (1994)
21. Panama (2002)
22.Portugal (1999)
23. Singapore (2000)
24. Spain (1985)
25. Sweden (1983)
26. Switzerland (1983)
27. Taiwan, China (2000)
28. Turkey (2000)
29. United Kingdom (1983)
30. United States (1983)

The maturity breakdown for banks' international financial claims is provided on the basis of remaining or residual maturities.

From first quarter 2000 onwards, the consolidated statistics are available on a quarterly basis. For previous periods CBS are available on a semi-annual basis only. Because line 1 and line 12 are derived from different reporting systems, short-term bank claims (line 12) can, in some cases, exceed total bank claims (line 1).

​ Line 13_Multilateral loans, IMF, short term

The data cover total IMF credit and loan obligations (principal and interest) falling due in the next twelve months and the obligations that are in arrears as at the end of the reporting period. The data are denominated in Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) and are converted to US dollars using the end-period exchange rate. The data are sourced from IMF records.