Source of Data

Indicator Name Source
A1. Loans and other credits (Debt of)
01_Cross-border loans, by BIS reporting banks BIS
02___o/w to nonbanks BIS
03_Official bilateral loans, total OECD
04___o/w aid loans OECD
05___o/w other OECD
06_Multilateral loans, total
07___o/w IMF IMF
08___o/w other institutions WB
09_Insured export credit, Berne Union BIS
10___o/w short term BIS
11_SDR allocations IMF
A2. Loans and other credits (Debt due within a year)
12_Liabilities to BIS banks (cons.), short term BIS
13_Multilateral loans, IMF, short term IMF
B1. Debt securities (All maturities)
14_Debt securities held by nonresidents IMF
B2. Debt securities (short term, original maturity)
15_Debt securities held by nonresidents IMF
C.  Supplementary information on debt (liabilities)
16_International debt securities, all maturities BIS
17___o/w issued by nonbanks BIS
18_International debt securities, short term BIS
19___o/w issued by nonbanks BIS
20_Paris Club claims (ODA) BIS
21_Paris Club claims (non ODA) BIS
22_Liabilities to BIS banks, locational, total BIS
23_Liabilities to BIS banks, consolidated, total BIS
D. Memorandum items: selected foreign assets
24_International reserves (excluding gold) IMF
25___o/w SDR holdings IMF
26_Portfolio investment assets IMF
27_Cross-border deposits with BIS rep. banks BIS
28___o/w deposits from nonbanks BIS